"Rolling Since 76....

The Pig City attitude has been round since the heydays of the 70's skate scene, fuelled by the constant hassle by the police for skating around Brighton. The early guys had a few spots - The Cage under the pier full of fiberglass ramps and the infamous blue bowl. Concrete addicts were catered for at ‘The Barn’ in Southwick, a gnarly marbalite blue tiled pool and a mini bowl. Not forgetting The Legendary 'Level' - a concrete jungle, halfpipe & mull bowl  skated by Brighton skaters Mad Mark Baker, Jock Patterson the Kellner brothers and too many more to mention! Other wooded creations were all over the area -  a rickety old mini in Woodingdean and a halfpipe in Saltdean. 

The 80s saw attention moved towards the famous vert ramp of The Level and its many incarnations , built after much hardwork from Andy Binns hassling the council & shops for support & funding.  At the time the scene was supported by the infamous PC's Hot Shop run by Pat Newnham opposite the Level skatepark.  The ramp & Brighton scene became a necessary stop for any visiting skaters &  oversea Pros  featuring in mags & videos of the day. It had its crew of well respected  Pig City riders Justin Ashby, Andy Binns, Ghandi, Fez (RIP), Cliff Cox, Simon Levine, Luke McKirdy, Mark Collins and many more. During the late 80s The OG vert crew became the UK team for Etnies travelling overseas and smashing their way through Europe with their unique style & attitude.   Their motto: 'destructive and loud, hated but proud'! still runs true today.

Notable mentions go to other Pig City crew members - Freestyler Don Brown who left Brighton for the sunny climates to turn Pro for Vision and work building up his Etnies, eS, Emerica shoe empire. Ian Deacon who after working with the UK brand Deathbox started the much respected more street orientated Bash Skateboards, before heading overseas to create Flip Skateboards.

Pig City continued to support UK riders over the last decades building up a team of skaters who could destroy street, vert, park. Along with our support of varied UK events over the years.

Pig City continues to produce and endless stream of new and creative skaters destroying all terrains overs the city and much further afield thanks to the creation of many new parks and the rebirth of the mighty Level park. The future looks bright for the UK scene with more people skating than ever, a explosion in girls skateboarding and the more 'mature' side riding disgracefully into old age.

Much respect goes out to anyone who has ever ridden and has the Pig City spirit if you live in Brighton or further afield and for those who have skated and are no longer with us.